Beehive Monitoring system

This device is a one stop point for monitoring hives for the following conditions.
Weather pattern impacts on bee activities, the system collects real time data for humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure and the information is received and displayed graphically on the web platform (
During extreme variations for temperature and humidity deviating from normal conditions for bee activities in the hives, the bee farmer is notified by the system through SMS alerts on their cell phones about the temperature or humidity condition affecting the bee activities and hence given recommendations to control the impacts.

The system monitors for any physical tampers on the hive tops, especially intruders with interests of harvesting the hives or stealing them. In the event an intruder attempts to harvest the hives, the system dials the farmers cell phone and also sends SMS alerts notifying him or her about the presence of an intruder. This helps the farmer to get real time information about what is happening to the hives such that he or she can have a quick response of intervention. which may involve assigning some one or get personally involved to check out any happenings.