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Bee Continent is an Agri- tech company creating sustainable innovations and solutions through the use of technology to manage honey bee threats in bee farms. 

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The attraction to the top bar hives is their super simple design. Plus, you don’t have to shell out a ridiculous amount of money nor need to have pro-level building skills to set up a beehive with a top bar design.
Unlike other hive designs, you’ll keep bees inside a triangular wooden box. Inside are wooden bars resting along the top over an open cavity (the top bars that give the hive its name). These bars are where the bees build their comb. This layout allows them to build their comb downwards more naturally than the Langstroth hive.
To protect the colony, a wire mesh is available at the bottom of the long box. On top, there is a cover that you can easily open and close to access the space.